My Calm Weekend *.*

Just like a Family pictures.. cheezzzzz :)
Today we just went to our friend's home.. Mouna and Russell. Indonesian American couple who live in Napoli. It was calm and felt like home in Indonesia..
I usually want to escape from my home.. becos everyday at home my little nieces and nephews (i got plenty of them) screaming and running everywhere. ahaha. Kinda a rare thing to have a calm weekend as in Italy, Sunday is time to family gathering, udah kaya lebaran day tiap weekend. Riwehhh :))

Mouna and Russell invited us to their home, such a great time together.. 
They lived at NSA in Napoli.. near Caserta.. Calm and complete place *.*

The Barbeque.. yeaaa
Arrived at Home.. Raff welcomed us.. barking :D ^ruff ruff^
Warm and beautiful home. While the women started to cook, Indonesian menu. (sebenernya Mouna utah mask duluan, gw cm nyusul masakin nasi goring buat Geb my bebeh).

We had also barbecue.. Ribs BBQ.. The mens prepare it. Ummm nyummy..
No need to kipas2.. due to the wind blew so hard automatically. hihihi...
Got lunch together.. Indonesian Menu... 
Nasi (tentunya).. Sambal goreng ati.. Tumis Labu.. Daging bumbu rujak.. Krupuk Ikan.. Ribs BBQ.. and desert is fruits puding..

Sambal Goreng Ati... nyummm
Nasi goreng kecap for my husband.. hihihihi. As he is a picky eater :)) he can't eat too much spices thing. The lunch totally delicious.
Four thumbs up becos the dish buonisssmoooo... 
Ure a Great chef dear ^.^
Funny thing was when my Husband ate bawang goreng..
I asked him to tried and i told him it was Snack.. then suprisingly he said its nyummm.. hahaha... 
he never like onion or garlic.. neither chillies.. then when i told him it was onion fried.. he didnt believe it
he denied it.. hahaha... 

Look at them.. seriously while watching TV :))
Iseng aja nyuruh Geb nyobain bawang goreng yang gw bilang itu cuma snack :p Geb anti bawang2an and cabe, pas dimakan, ummm katanya gurih enak. Woohhh kagett, tnyata dy suka. hahahaha. Pas dikasi tau kalo itu bawang merah digoreng, mukanya pucet pasi, masa sih, ga percaya katanya.
Ahahaha.. we got ya.

Meanwhile Russell and Geb watching Sports, TV Time. Me and Mouna back to the kitchen.. woman's palace.. prepared for the Coffe.
Cofee time, warm warm due to weather was cold.. rainy, we watched movies "The Four Feathers".. we loved Abu and Joker.. hahahaha..
Thanks for the great weekend.. 
For ur warm and beautiful home
I've got also goodie bag.. many Indonesian sambal.. I Owe U dear Monce ;)
Grazie mille our beloved friends... for make us felt like home.. 

baciiiiiiiiiiiii :*

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