Hijab Pashmina Style

Do u love to be beautiful... who doesn't??
Sbagian besar org pikir.. mmm pake jilbab nanti ilang cantiknya, ga modis lg, ga fashionable, serem lah ini lah itu lah... well ya its depend on you... for me, wearing hijab can turn you to be beautiful inside and outside. Some said that “oh i should behave well, i want to fix my inner heart first before i am wearing hijab” mmmh.. for me as when you’re start wearing hijab, you do think thousands before act, try your best to behave well and automatically it will helps you to become better ones. You can’t be frugal when you’re wearing it, aren’t you?? It can bring the best in you.

Recently i found a beautiful designer from UK, she is Half Japanese and Half British.. Hana Tajima Simpson. Interesting on her style, i tried to figure it out.. simple and bellissimaa...

I love the pashmina style from her.. here i put on the video.. 

Simple and beautiful isn't it.. so why don’t we try it ;)

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