Am Back !! In London Now

Hey I'm back.. after long time I didn't have time to check and write my blog. 
I'm Back!! Me and my husband just move back to LONDON.. 

So here I am.. 
Living alone cos mostly our family live in Italy and Indonesia. I'm not get used to (>.<)
Usually together with my Big Italian Family.. Now just the two of us..
Sepiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!

So to erase my lonely, I start looking for work in London, indeed its hard to find a good job with good salary. Forza!!! But finally my hard work is pay..
I get the good Job just 10 minutes from home..
Alhamdulillah.. Grazie Dio :*

So live in London is more fast.. in Italy I felt like Living in Vacation.. am suu dat evithing wud be okay (Im sure that everything will be okay) yeah lets starting to speak like British now.. LOL

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