Hello Capri Island :))

Hello alll... apa kabar?? come stai? How are you?

Summer time vacations..
This time we went to Capri Island, Italy. Do you know Capri ? or ever hear about it ?
umm I'm sure you're familiar with Capri -- Leonardo diCAPRIo.. ahahah
Yes he must be already visited this amazing Island.

So from Napoli.. we need to take the boat to Capri, in Italian we called it il traghetto, its about 40 minutes from Molo Beverello Port. But !!! If you suffer from sea sick (just like me) you can take from Sorrento.. it tooks only 15 minutes. The best time to go there is in Spring - Summer time.. but in Summer will be so crowded there. Tourist everywhere.. maybe you can meet some international celebrity here ;))
Arrive safely even the sea sick is killing me.. well lets strolling.. we walking around the port of Capri. after that I took a shuttle bus to see the famous symbol of Capri.. due faraglioni..

SubhanALLAH what an amazing beautiful scene.. blue sky.. mediteranian sea.. fresh air.. sea fragrant.. birds fly everwhere.. and camera every single part.. ahahaha

TOURIST Time. Including me ;))

Its an expensive exclusive island.. as everything here its soo unbelievable TOO MUCH.
even for a cup of juice the price is triple than in Napoli city .. and the cup is half less than regular :))
so its mean you get less and pay more 

You need to bring extra in your wallet.. thats my suggest !! Since everyone think I'm a real tourist (Japanese, Asian) so everything become more expensive until my husband said.. sorry but I'm native so I know the price here :)) we can bargain sometimes as my husband is a native :p

Walking around the road you find lots cute shop.. luxury.. handmade shop (this one my favorite) 
I stop every single minute.. ahahaha and my husband busy taking my pictures (He is my personal photographer). Since its crowded, so he choose uncommon shortcut roads that not every tourist know the path. Well empty road in an amazing island is Awesome !!! yaiyy

It seems even in a week stay there you won't feel enough. The foods in Restaurant is Superdelicious, Roba di Mare.. seafood all the time, Gelato, Dolcette.. umm nyumm nyummm... The markets so colorful, the sea so fresh and clear.. even the rocks so catching (Don’t forget to take a couple of the sea rocks just for a remember).. everything here so amazing, even the Hotel is amazingly expensive :))

Anyway It should be in your bucket list. See ya from Capri Island, Italy. xoxo. Henny


  1. Salaam & ciao! Sono felice che ho trovato il tuo blog - sembra molto bella. I love your style with the summer hat in this picture - I've never tried a style like it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Sarita

  2. Waalaikumsalaam sister...
    Mi fa piacere di conoscerti ;)
    That was last summer I went to Capri Island.. really hot, thats why I wore the hat :)) Thank you for stopping by. Buona Giornata and I love your Blog. Bacione. Henny