The Story of Picorella

Common fellows and friends asking me about Picorella name.. my crafting's blog name
(you can visit here

such a cute name and where do i get that idea?

Ah well here's the story.. it was my husband who called me like that.. ^.^
He used to call me with many nickname.. such as chocorella (cos I'm bloody love chocolates) etc etc and the old one is Picorella nickname. It was the first nick name that he'd given to me :))

Picorella = Pico + Rella
Pico from picollina (Italian language means cute, little)
Rella is an adding nick name that commonly used for girls. for example CindeRella ;)
shes a famous one huh :))

So what he means .. Picorella is my cute little girl ;)
Meanwhile the true meaning of Picorella is may come from a craft and relate to a religious expression.

Quite interesting isn't it?
Since I am a person who loves craftinggg and love my religion (InsyaAllah never stop to learn to be a better one) . so I take that name for me..

That's the story goes of my picorella name ;) and I'm kinda love it for my crafting's blog.
Good day friends.

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