March 2013

March always been my favorite month of the year... beside my b-day on march, there's a lot moment to remember on this month. Its still winter time *6 degrees of Celcius* Freezing so I kept under my bedcover warmy comfy *aslinya males*

Early bird wake up, my husband surprised me with a beautiful gift that I needed the most.. had a cute breakfast and birthday party at home tonight. Ah well.. he prepared it by himself. Fantastic. He's always be a sweet ones. Plus I get my new work space ^.^ yaiy and everything to support my artwork has been upgrade. Alhamdulillah. So happy that I can continuously grow my passion of work at home.

Biar tambah semangat berkreasi.. Forzaaaa. Soalnya klo udah kumat ga mood.. aduh mogoknya bisa lama :))
Untungnya my dearest hubby paling ngerti deh.

Thank you Allah for every second blessed that you've given to me.. more year ahead.. more blessed. Xoxo

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