EEA QP and UK Resident Card / Biometric Resident Permit

Morning mates.. Hope everyone doing well. Its been agess that i writing here. Abandoned !! Lols. Right, here i am, thinking about some request from my readers to write bout UK Resident Card or known as Biometric Resident Permit (BRP). How to apply it ?? 

This is based on my experience, it might help you through the darkest of UK documents time. I know i know, kinda Bloody Hell, be patient and be informed, you can do it !!

Please read before asking me the same questions.
Here I applied as EEA Family Member.
I am Indonesian (Non EEA Citizen) and my husband is Italian (EEA Citizen).
First, Breath easy 🤗 It will took a looong wayyy winding road (am Half Joking)
Note!! Do Not Wait till your EEA Family Permit Visa Expired !! If you got 6 months of UK - EEA Family Visa, apply for Resident Card (RC) at least 3 months before your Visa Expired. Example, your visa is valid til June 2018, you should apply for Resident Card at least on March 2018. I recommend this, as my Resident Card Application took 3 months of process, kinda frustrating me as i applied it one week before my visa expired. Lol. Nothing happened, do not worry, but you can’t do anything that requires your documents as it’s already expired. So do it long before your visa expired.

Are you ready? Here they are....

If you want to apply by yourself as EEA Family Member, you can print out the application form from Here. It contains 100 pages, OH MY GOSHHH.. but you don’t have to print out all the pages, just print out the sections that related to your circumstances.
  1. After you fill up all sections that related to you, you can Post it to the Home Office, using the address on the form. Include the fee (£65 by Postal Cheque) and supporting documents listed on the form. Then wait the process.. yess keep waitt waitt.. it could takes up to 6 months and more. 
  2. In my case, as I didn’t want to send my original passport to Home Office for months (I might need it to travel to Italy) so I took another road of application. I applied for EEA Qualified Person (EEA QP) for my husband and from his application i can apply for RC.
  3. WHY EEA QP ?? cos it is easier for me, I can apply it ONLINE (no paper wasted), paid it online and i can get an “European Passport Return Service” which is Great News!! Benefit from this service, i can keep my original passports while my application is processed. I paid the applications for £130 (for 2 persons) and about £30 (for European Passport Return Service). Totally is £160. It is more expensive but i believe its faster and more efficient for me. Took 3 months my RC arrived. Faster than I expected, i knew that some of my friends applied RC and it tooks more than 6 months. Fiuhh. You can check Here for EEA QP
  • Original Passports (Both mine and my husband)
  • Recent Pictures (Just take passport pictures at Photo booth, Its everywhere)
  • Proof of Employment (You or your spouse, or both of you), ask HR Department or your employer to write a letter or fill a declaration from the form, that you/your spouse is currently working with the company. To be considered as a qualified person, this is crucial that your EEA partner has a Full Time Job who contributed to the country, pay tax etc, Not getting benefit whatsoever. The Home Office wants to know that your partner as a sponsor who capable to take care of you, feeding you, just to make sure that you won't be a problem in the future for the government.
  • Latest 3 months of UK Bank Statements that shows your sponsor’s income (I sent my husband’s bank statements)
  • Latest 3 months of Payslips from your Spouse’s employer/company.
  • Proof of Relationship with your spouse (Marriage Certificate in English).
  • Proof of Residence that both of you are living together in UK (I sent mine and my husband’s letters from NHS, HMRC, any UK Bills that shows your address, UK Tenancy Agreements) Just the more the better, but you can pick any of them. 
Remember always refer to official site for any update. The information above is based on my own experienced, hope these helps and good luck guys ;)

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