European Passport Return Service

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What is European Passport Return Service ??

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“The European passport return service allows you and your family to take your passports to a participating local authority for verification and copying, and for the local authority to then send the copy to the Home Office.” 
So guys, when you apply for EEA Certificate or EEA Family Member Resident Card, you DON’T HAVE TO send your original passports. You can keep it back with you.
Am a bit freakout when i knew that my friend didn’t get her passport back from the Home Office after her application, she got pretty headache to sort it out. Yes Home Office will take the original passport for a long time, it might takes from 6 months or more (through your application process). It means we cannot go anywhere. Big NO!! Plus, it is hard to track the application progress, you can’t ring the Home Office, quite difficult, they won’t give you a clue, you just have to wait.

“This allows you to keep your passports while your applications for documentation to prove your right to live in the UK are being processed. You can use this service if you are an EEA or Swiss national and you have applied online for a registration certificate or a document certifying permanent residence. You can also include any family members (of any nationality) who you have included in your online application. “
Right, this is available only for EEA Citizen, in this case i applied online for my husband registration certificate (even he didn’t need that), then on his application he included “me” as family member (any nationality). It means I can applied my BRP through his application. Great isn’t it?? I don’t have to print out 100 pages of application form. Yaiyy save the Earth

“The European passport return service can only be used to verify and copy your and your family’s passports, to submit with your applications. National identity cards and other supporting evidence must be submitted as originals only.”
It means this service only for your original passport, another documents should be send in original ones (such Bank Statements, Marriage Certificate, etc)

Not everyone familiar with this service, but if you want to keep your original passport with you, this service such a great help. You just have to book appointment on your local authorities/council. You can check on the website below for each area.

Tips : Try to book appointment at “not popular” council, as i’ve tried to book in central council, quite busy ones, took weeks of waiting list, i looked for another council in area, a bit far from centre but it really fast, I don’t even need to booking, just straight away down there.

How much it cost?
I paid £10 per person. Plus £7,5 for the postage. Total is £27.5.
The council will post all of your documents to Home Office. They will provide you the receipt and tracking number for your mail. You can check here for more info bout the service

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