EEA QP - UK Resident Card Timeline Process

Most frequently question bout EEA QP - UK Resident Card Timeline Process
How long the process??

Just a reminder that each individual is different, Its depends on your documents, application and luck.
Don’t be panic if your application is longer than it should be, you might trapped on busiest time or another reasons. But here my timeline process...


06/07 - Called local council for European Passport Return Service, got the info before make application. Just to make sure it won’t take too long. I made an appointment.
11/07 - I applied online
11/07 - Paid the fees through online application.
12/07 - Got an email from Home Office. Its confirmed the application & payments has been received.
14/07 - Went to local council for European Passport Returns Service and submit all documents. Bring back my original passport to home :)
14/07 - Documents received by Home Office.
23/08 - Got a Biometrics Letter from Home Office.
24/08 - Went to Post Office to submit my Biometrics data (fingerprints, signature and digital pictures.  Paid £19.20 for the service)
06/09 - Got a Letter Certificate of Application (COA) from Home Office, (you can use this letter as extended visa)
20/10 - Got my BRP Card along with Certificate of Residence for my Husband.

Approximately took less than 4 months process. I get 5 years valid for BRP.
Hope these helps. Good Luck.

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