Since i was born.. my family are crazy about chillies. we eat daily, just like rice or bread.
So I can say that I cannot live without Chilies. CABEEEE.. Cabee ku sayangg
I usually eat 13 chillies just for salad.. u can imagine how i loved them so much.
Biasanya klo ngerujak, pake cabe 13 biji, same yg jualan rujak complain cabe mahal, klo yg beli boross cabe kaya gw :))) Ya maap, selera pembeli beda beda

Pindah dan tinggal ke negara yang jarang makan cabe, deep inside its broke my heart. *lebay*
I knew that will be hard to find chillies and spices in Europe..
I brought some sauces super hot from Indonesia to Italy. Yeahhhhh
But NOOOO, the airport immigration took them all. Once again Its broken my heart to let them go.

Sedih banged pas sambel ABC dkk ga lolos imigrasi, lg apes, disuruh buang. HUAAAA SAMBELLLLL

My husband tried to cheer me up and searched all over the city for the chili sauce to substitute my lost ones.
As result ITS HARD TO FIND!!! arggghhh. Desperate !!! Only found some dries chili.
Cape dehh masa iya ngerujak pake cabe kering. Rasanya jg kering tuh rujak. Life so empty. hahaha. I already said before that i cannot live without chili, I have to find it.

First trial, he found a thailand sauces (as i am not used to with the product, i went to d'hospital after consumed it, 3 day vomited arrgghhh). FAIL!!
Second trial, on Saturday night we ate some kebab that had sauce so burning hot.. i asked them what is the sauce? it was TABASCO. I bought it on the store, about three times consumed it, i felt like my neck is burning inside. FAIL AGAIN!!
Third trial. I went to the supermarket that I used to be.. we found SALSA MEXICANO... this was better but still i am not enjoy it.
Till one of my Indonesian friend in the city,  bought it online from US, she gave me Indonesian  SAMBAL ABC. Ahhhhh i feel alive :)) I never thought before, I have to buy it from online food store.
There are so many of them who sell Indonesian products. From UK or Germany, the nearest Indonesian store from Italy. Perjuangan banged cuma buat ngicip sambel saos, never give up pokonya.
The lesson that I have gained :))

Well One day... my husband came and gave me a bunch of suprised bouquet ..
I am not into romantic scenes, as bouquet or candle light. He knows that I am not into Flower bouquet and stuff. But this time, i almost cried happily, He gave me Chilies Bouquet.. Thank you huneeh

Tau2 si abang datang membawa buket cabe. He said thats the hardest bouquet to find.. :)))
I knew it. Hahaha. Its hard to find fresh chilies.

kita tanem deh biji cabe.. sbagian dikonsumsi, and also dtanem.. Abangku sayang menanam cabe dkk.. kita jg nanem some plant.. ky basilico, smacem kemangi kli ya..he didn't let me do it.. told me that's a man job..
^jiahahah beb ure so sweetttttt^
Hope they growing well.. amin..
The City where i lived is always sunny.. luckily.. I'm hoping that my little baby chillies will grown up well.. Even now its winter.. finger cross.
Speriamo bene.. Or my husband need to find another bouquet.. hihihi

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